Marlborough, MA Farmers Market

This is turning into an art blog again for a minute!

My little Etsy Shop and l will be at the Marlborough Farmer’s Market this summer!! Come by and visit on the dates listed below. I am bringing my usual lettering goods, but also have been painting a LOT this year and have a ton of new acrylic, abstract paintings to share. I am really excited about those!

Last year, my time at the Natick Farmer’s market taught me a few things. If you’re new to the market scene, give this post a read! 3 Tips for Your First Farmer’s Market

My First Market!

natick farmers market - letters from rita

Last Saturday morning I was a vendor at my very first market! I’ve been a long time attendee of the Natick Farmer’s Market, so it was extra special to actually be a vendor at it! I honestly went in with no expectations; I knew I would probably give away a lot of business cards, and was OK if that was it. But luckily 4 sweet souls found pieces of art that they loved! I was so surprised! I had a lot of good feedback on my work, and quite a bit of interest in custom work, which I am praying will pan out in the future. I loved being part of the local action and getting to meet a variety of people from my town. One observation I made was that teenagers were particularly interested in my art. I am wondering if that is because hand-lettering is so prevalent on social media these days… or if they were just really cool teenagers 🙂

I also had a personal squad who came to support me! Nate was key is helping me set up the tent and tables, and bringing me coffee 🙂 My parents, my in-laws AND two of my four siblings-in-laws came to hang out (my mom was the principal photo-taker). A few different friends from bible study and my running group stopped by, and my sweet friend Amy surprised me with a visit as well! Thank you to all who made time in your day to say hi!

natick farmers market - letters from rita 3

I will be back at the Natick Farmer’s Market on July 30th and August 6th and I’d love to see you there!


Best Art Supply Stores

I’m an art supply hoarder. There I said it. If it’s on sale and I could potentially use it in the next 8 months, I’m probably going to purchase it. This mostly goes for pens, canvas, acrylic paint, paint brushes, notebooks and more pens. You should see my office, or more like, room of random piles. I do end up using it all, (eventually)! I want to share a couple of stores from where I like to get my supplies!

I’ve found that if I really need something that is “high-quality artsy” (say, an obscure pen brand or a specific size of canvas or specialty paper) I go to Blick and it will be there. They are my go-to for legit art supplies. They have everything. Plus, they have different versions and brands of everything. They also have great sales, and you can get a member card to save even more.

The only problem is, it takes me about an hour to get to the closest Blick in my area. So if I don’t have the time for that, I go to A.C.Moore. It’s closer to home, and it carries most of the same major art supply brands. It doesn’t have as much of a variety, but it definitely works. A.C.Moore also has a member card and I end up saving a lot with that!

Now, if I am looking for home decor or craft-specific items, like a chalk or oil pen or a variety of chalkboards, I go to Michael’s. They also have a fair amount of scrapbook / paper supplies. Michael’s is like the more homey, crafty version of A.C.Moore. A.C.Moore is the more basic version of Blick. Blick is the They are all important in their own way and I need them all in my life.

That being said, I have stumbled upon some other awesome local art stores with smaller selections of more high-quality products. I try to visit these places every so often because A) I love supporting local and B) I love art stores.

Artist Craftsman in Cambridge – They have a few locations around the US. This one is in a basement and it smells like oil paint when you walk in. If you know oil paint, you know that’s a good smell.
Johnson Paint Company on Newbury – The first floor is an interior/home paint store, but if you go to the top floor you’ll find the art supplies!

Practice Makes Better

letters from rita

Any creative knows that practice makes better (not perfect, though!) Creatives produce our best work when we are consistent, disciplined and diligent about practicing. Even if we’ve been ‘in it’ – in the industry or making that type of art – for a long time, if we forget to make intentional time for practice, we’ll just stay regular, instead of becoming better and more refined.

For the last few days I’ve made it a point to do at least one doodle or watercolor per day. I’m excited to A) get better at my craft and B) have a really rad collection of random little doodles at the end of the month. After many months of making pretty things for other people, it feels good to make stuff just to make stuff! To create what comes to my mind! It never happens unless I am purposeful about it, so that is what I am up to this month! 

Also! I recently watched this talk about the creative process that inspired me, so give it a watch if you have 10 minutes. (It’s particularly about songwriting, but it is applicable to all artists!)