Weekly Obsessions

Prisms add an extra dimension and layer to photos (see above). I’d experimented with friend’s prism twice before and always wished I had one. So instead of the continued wishing, I just went ahead and got one (only like 20 bucks on Amazon)! It’s definitely not to be used all the time, but in certain, artsy situations it’s a fun way to add some more interest. It’s basically a big light-bending experiment. I want to learn more about the techniques before I add it into my portrait sessions, but it will happen eventually!

This coffee company‘s cold brew was on one of my weekly obsession lists last summer, and guess what, they stood the test of time! I never leave the grocery store without a bottle.

Oh my gosh. I am doing some research for a photo project about the area’s best and most colorful public art murals, and YOU GUYS! Boston is WAY more full of them than I originally thought! Check out this WBUR blog post I found. It helped me do a lot of my research and I am so excited for my photo project in August.

That’s it for this week. Happy Friday!

Coffee Date | July 4th Wknd

We haven’t had a coffee date in a while! So let’s do this: grab your Tuesday-but-it-feels-like-Monday coffee and stay a while.

On Saturday afternoon Nate and I, along with two friends, put our kayaks into the Charles River and took off for what was officially our longest ride yet. We were on the water for almost 3 hours! We explored a lot and I liked it. The way out was nice and easy because the wind was carrying us along, but on the way back the same winds were not on our side. Definitely an arm workout! Highlight of the day: the 6 cute turtles I saw. Because turtles.

kayak july 2 2

On Sunday we drove up to my parent’s house in NH to celebrate the 4th a day early. Nate’s parents were there too, so it was a whole big party! We played yard games (bocce! kanjam!) and then walked along the perfectly sunny beach for a while. The weather was the bomb dot com and the buffalo chicken my mom made for dinner was something to write home about (or at least pin on Pinterest). Lowlight of the day: Nate and I lost to our dads in bocce ball.

nh july 3 1

nh july 3 5

On the actual 4th we watched our local parade (it’s a big deal), and hung out with some friends before the fireworks! Low key and livin’ life. I’ve never had a strong love of July 4th as a holiday, but I definitely appreciate it and all it’s American dreamin’. *insert american flag emoji here*

OMG WAIT! Last Friday I installed my first ever solo art show! It is up and viewable in the bakery on Natick Common until September 1st. It’s a collection of bold and fun life lessons to encourage your day, lovingly named ‘Paper Pep Talks’. Highlight of this: Maybe I’ll be famous soon.

letters from rita - bakery on the common 2

Short coffee date, but hope you had fun! Come back Thursday for a summer music roundup!

My First Market!

natick farmers market - letters from rita

Last Saturday morning I was a vendor at my very first market! I’ve been a long time attendee of the Natick Farmer’s Market, so it was extra special to actually be a vendor at it! I honestly went in with no expectations; I knew I would probably give away a lot of business cards, and was OK if that was it. But luckily 4 sweet souls found pieces of art that they loved! I was so surprised! I had a lot of good feedback on my work, and quite a bit of interest in custom work, which I am praying will pan out in the future. I loved being part of the local action and getting to meet a variety of people from my town. One observation I made was that teenagers were particularly interested in my art. I am wondering if that is because hand-lettering is so prevalent on social media these days… or if they were just really cool teenagers 🙂

I also had a personal squad who came to support me! Nate was key is helping me set up the tent and tables, and bringing me coffee 🙂 My parents, my in-laws AND two of my four siblings-in-laws came to hang out (my mom was the principal photo-taker). A few different friends from bible study and my running group stopped by, and my sweet friend Amy surprised me with a visit as well! Thank you to all who made time in your day to say hi!

natick farmers market - letters from rita 3

I will be back at the Natick Farmer’s Market on July 30th and August 6th and I’d love to see you there!


My 27th Birthday!

I was officially old when I turned 25, but now that I’m 27 I think I’ve finally accepted it haha. Only took me two years.

First of all, about two weeks before my birthday, Nate had to REMIND ME that it was approaching. Never in my life have I had to been reminded about my birthday, so that right there was a strange way to start off 27. Once he reminded me, I couldn’t stop asking him what he was getting me. JK, I actually mentioned that I’d much prefer an experience over a thing, if he were to do anything at all (because he could have simply surprised me with a pint (or 2) of Ben + Jerry’s ice cream and that would have made me pretty happy.)

ANYWAYS, a few days before, Nate told me he had a legit surprise for me. The more I asked questions, the more he stayed quiet. He’s good at keeping surprises. On THE DAY (June 1 btw), all he told me was that I needed to drive into Boston by 5:30 and wear something “nice but not fancy”. I obliged and met him in the Commons after he got out of work (late, so I had time to go to my favorite coffee shop, Thinking Cup.)

So, what was his surprise?

Letters from Rita Boston Blogger_0098

A nice, quiet dinner at Durgin Park near Quincy Market, and seeing the BLUE MAN GROUP in real life! What! BMG is something I’ve always wanted to see, but haven’t had a chance to go. Nate knew I wanted to do something together rather than receive something, and this was the perfect option. The show was colorful, funny, and loud. The theater is pretty small, so everyone had a great view (we happened to be up in the balcony). I truly expected more mess, paint and throwing of things, but even so it was still a really fun show to witness!

Letters from Rita Boston Blogger_0097

A week into year 28 and it’s already pretty good. 😉