Fall Playlist

Current fall FAVES include singer-songwriter Kenzie Nimmo’s ‘Bones’ and Clark Beckham’s souuuuuulful ‘I Need’. These two are both young-ish artists making waves in their respective genres. Super inspiring to me. And I can NOT wait for Clark’s debut album, I can already tell it’s going to be a funk-fest and just so fun.

Other favorites are the three songs from Emily Hearn’s NEW EP ‘Paris, or where we are’ !!! SO pumped about her new music! And I am also loving Jordy Searcy’s ‘Dark in the City’. Listen to all the goodness below!

Summer Playlist

This SUMMER!!! Has so much good music! And so many bops!! I am loving ARIZONA’s new album, Dispatch’s new album and Harry Style’s new album. LOTS OF GOOD ALBUMS. My faves are all on my summer playlist, which also include a few country jams and some jazzier options from Braxton Cook. I linked to the playlist below – enjoy!

Weekly Obsessions

Prisms add an extra dimension and layer to photos (see above). I’d experimented with friend’s prism twice before and always wished I had one. So instead of the continued wishing, I just went ahead and got one (only like 20 bucks on Amazon)! It’s definitely not to be used all the time, but in certain, artsy situations it’s a fun way to add some more interest. It’s basically a big light-bending experiment. I want to learn more about the techniques before I add it into my portrait sessions, but it will happen eventually!

This coffee company‘s cold brew was on one of my weekly obsession lists last summer, and guess what, they stood the test of time! I never leave the grocery store without a bottle.

Oh my gosh. I am doing some research for a photo project about the area’s best and most colorful public art murals, and YOU GUYS! Boston is WAY more full of them than I originally thought! Check out this WBUR blog post I found. It helped me do a lot of my research and I am so excited for my photo project in August.

That’s it for this week. Happy Friday!

Weekly Obsessions


I’ve been saying to myself, ‘Man, I wish there was a way I could share all this good stuff I’ve been listening to, doing and finding without having to post on Instagram like every two seconds.” Then it hit me. WEEKLY OBSESSIONS! It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these! Let’s get into it.

I don’t consider myself a knowledgable jazz music fan, but even knowing next to nothing about the genre, I know this is good. I know it’s legit and inspiring and soooooo great to listen to when you need an extra boost of hustle for your work day. I know it makes sense to my ears. I love this guy’s work!
Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack: yes, emotions, amazing, yes, love, so good, omg, this. amen.

Professional Basketball: 
Nate and I watched both nights of ESPN’s 30 for 30 special on the Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers rivalry. Up until now I’ve only ever been a college basketball fan, but this documentary showed me that I genuinely love the sport in general (not just college version of it) and will most likely become a Celtics fan in the near future.

Ancient copies of the Natick Bulletin (the local newspaper): 
I spent probably an hour last week looking at old maps and reading the June 1883 and June 1931 copies of the Natick Bulletins at the library. It was SO interesting. And so crazy to see the old ads for businesses that are STILL around & the ads for businesses that are long gone, streets that are still the same, ect. The column called Natick Locals really made me laugh. It was a list of “Mrs. So and So is summering at the Cape” – and we thought telling people where we are at every moment is a new concept. And rent was $7 a week!  :O I’ve always had a thing with learning the history of a place I live in. I don’t need to know any of these things, but I feel like a better citizen when I do. I want to know more. I want to know why THAT building is the town hall and where the first fire station was and who originally lived in THAT gorgeous house, you know? Maybe I’m weird. 😉

Summer Sunsets:
Needs no explanation. Top 3 most favorite parts of summer (other 2 are ice cream and swimming 😉 )