Summer Playlist

This SUMMER!!! Has so much good music! And so many bops!! I am loving ARIZONA’s new album, Dispatch’s new album and Harry Style’s new album. LOTS OF GOOD ALBUMS. My faves are all on my summer playlist, which also include a few country jams and some jazzier options from Braxton Cook. I linked to the playlist below – enjoy!

2017 Spring Playlist

Music of Spring 2017 (so far. I realize we have a lot of Spring left to live!)

Lael – Phoenix (his album Clarity is also great)
Will Regan / United Pursuit – Tell All Your Friends
Little Big Town – The Breaker
Ed Sheeran’s Divide, obviously

Dispatch – Only the Wild Ones
Maggie Rogers – Alaska
Coldplay / Chainsmokers – Something Just Like This

FULL Spring Playlist!! (but like I said, in progress)

My Top 16 Songs of 2016 

Let’s be honest here. The only thing 2016 did right was music. 

For me, this was the year of concerts. Johnnyswim, The Saint Johns, Judah and the Lion, Matt Wertz, Switchfoot, Relient K, Us the Duo, Pentatonix, Jon Bellion. All these artists’ were amazing live in their own right!! I can’t even pick a favorite. Actually, I only go to shows if they are already my favorite haha. And! I have 2 more concerts lined up in the next few months: Josh Garrels and Us the Duo <3 Yay LIVE MUSIC!

TOP SONGS of 2016. You’ll notice not many (any? maybe 2) are Top 40. I do listen to the radio, but in the last 2 years I’ve tried to stick with finding new artists (or new songs from artists I already love) in places besides the radio – mostly Spotify and Twitter if you’re curious. (read: I’m not saying there isn’t good music on the radio, there is!) I have singer-songwriter, pop, and country music taste tendencies, and of course anything with thoughtful, smart, challenging, inspiring lyrics. So if you’re into that, you’ll be into these 😉 Here we go!

If you want to skip the commentary and just listen >> Top 16 Songs of 2016 playlist on Spotify <<

Basically I loved these albums in their entirety SO MUCH that I couldn’t pick just one song from them. Really, these albums are each pure and perfect as a whole collection of songs. I did pick my favorite songs from them, but I rarely listen to them on their own. When I listen to these albums, it’s in order, in one sitting. In a generation of “singles” it’s refreshing to be able to listen to full albums that are well thought out as a whole. These 5 albums are definitely my most-listened-to of 2016.

Please love and admire my musical expertness. 😉 😉

  • James Bay – Chaos and the Calm
    (Best Fake Smile, Need the Sun to Break) – Though it technically was released in 2015, I didn’t discover it until 2016, so I’m counting it for this year!! His words! His honest words and stripped back music are what really pulled me in.
  • Johnnyswim – Georgica Pond
    (Let it Matter, First Try) – Throwin’ up them praise hands. That’s what happened the first time I listened to practically every one of these songs. Abner & Amanda & their soulful, harmonious musical abilities are sooo amazing.
  • Jon Bellion – The Human Condition
    (Maybe IDK, Guillotine) – Thankful this album came into my life. Jon’s lyrics are so real, and his beats and sounds are refreshing & unexpected. Many of his thoughts (& lots of tough love) really challenged me and I appreciated that.
  • Maren Morris – Hero
    (Sugar, Rich) – THIS GIRL. Was just nominated for FOUR Grammy’s!?!! Incredible, especially when country music is so male-dominated. Maren ripped right through all the washed-out party-country and created an album that absolutely changed the game. 
  • Matt Wertz – Gun Shy
    Smoke, Committed) – THIS GUY. Matt took a huge leap of faith and completely 360-ed his genre, going from calm singer-songwriter to pop GOD. He wrote, sang and produced a seriously ELECTRIC album. As a fan for over 10 years, I am so proud of MW.  

Summer Playlist

letters from rita summer playlist

Listen to my SUMMER 2016 PLAYLIST on Spotify here!

I love a good country song, but I equally love a good dance-y pop song. My summer 2016 playlist has a bit of everything. I will have to say that Maren Morris and Michael Franti are winning as my favorites currently, but the rest of the songs are absolutely worth a listen or 10! Here is a sampling from the playlist:
Sugar – Maren Morris
Raised On It – Sam Hunt
My Lord – Michael Franti + Spearhead
Lemonade – Matt Wertz
Saltwater Gospel – Eli Young Band
Maybe IDK – Jon Bellion
Love Drunk – Steve Moakler
Listen to my SUMMER 2016 PLAYLIST on Spotify here!