On paper, for you.

Hello LFR friends!

I’ve been really digging deep lately (read: lots of notebook sessions and lists and scribbled out ideas) to figure out what I want Letters from Rita to BE. Where it fits in this world and what the real purpose of it is. A bit of my thought process went like this:

There’s so much I could do!
Like words on watercolors.
Or even all out illustrations!
Flowers! Houses! Birds!
But wait, I’m not that good at drawing.
I’ll stick to words.
Which means I need to fill my shop with a ton of popular quotes.
But… everyone does those.
But… I can do those too, right?
Then it’s guaranteed someone will buy something.
But is this all for money?
I just want to create.
Preferably unique things.
Because people are unique!
I want people to want art that is unique to them.
I want people to want art that no one else has.
How do I get them to want that?
Blog about it?
Yeah, I’ll blog about it.


There is art and then there is ART. Art that is thought about and learned about and created for a purpose. When I create a lettering piece, I’m doing it because I read a quote or heard a song lyric (or even overheard someone talking at the grocery store), that made me think or feel or laugh. When I’m done with a doodle, I love it! But then it just sits in my house, on my shelf, in a folder (I only have so many walls!) That’s pretty much why I started a shop, to share with you my collection of words that so moved me.

BUT. Here’s the thing. The words that move me may not be the words that have any meaning to you. Which is why custom art is so special. That is what Letters from Rita is. A place you can come for custom word/lettering art, with words that are special to you. I want the people who are buying from my shop to get creative! What is the Bible verse that has helped you through the darkest times? What song has been on repeat since you were 18? Which line from Grandma’s most recent letter is still ringing through your heart? Those are the words I want to put on paper for you.

This revelation came to me a few days ago, and it required me to make a few changes in the shop. There are no more archived prints in there. It was hard to take them out, because I really do love them. I scan all my prints for the sake of archive/portfolio. But with this new shop goal, once a print is made and sent to it’s owner, I won’t reuse that print for someone else. Even if it’s the same quote, I will re-draw it just for you. So that’s why prints cost a little more than if I simply printed out each archived print. Because then it wouldn’t be YOURS, it would be a copy. And no one deserves a copy.

Thank you so much for navigating this road with me! It’s a continued joy and definite learning experience. Thanks for reading!



Custom Commission : Wedding Quote

Crystal, Steph’s mother, contacted me to create a print for her daughter’s 2 year wedding anniversary. She had pulled a quote from Steph and Brad’s ceremony, which I think is the perfect way to remember such a special day! I loved being able to make this for them and love the outcome. I used their main wedding colors, sky blue and sea foam green, and framed it in a distressed/rustic texture cream frame.
It’s definitely my new favorite!
Always taking custom orders! Email me lettersfromrita[at]gmail to inquire!


Book Quotes

Hey friends! Welcome to the blog, especially if you’re coming in from the LFR Instagram account! 

Here’s a smattering of current projects I’m working on! Actually, both are quotes from children’s books! One is a custom commission for a quote for a toddle’s bedroom. Ever heard of Love You Forever? Well now you have. 😉
The other is a gift I’m creating for a friend who is expecting her first baby in the fall! The nursery theme is Narnia, which I am obsessed with. I’m going to do my best to create a special piece using a quote from the series! Excited for all these to come together! 
Thanks again for stopping by!

Reasons Behind the Idea.

I’d like to explain my thought process behind this blog/project, especially when it comes to the name, Letters from Rita.

First off, my middle name is Rita, as is my mom’s. My grandmother and great-grandmother also had the same middle name. You can say it’s kind of a family heirloom. When I was younger, I really didn’t like my middle name. It was weird. It wasn’t common. It was old-fashioned.

My middle name is still weird. Uncommon. And it’s still old-fashioned. So why, over the past 5 years, have I grown to love it? It’s meaningful. There is family history behind it. I share it with 3 beautiful women in my family. And the fact that it’s uncommon makes it a great name to use in things like this. Stephanie? Oh boy, that’s an overused one. But Rita? Not many people out there have that name.

Onto the “letters” part. This one’s more complex.

1. I love random notes. Little messages left on the table. Real mail in my mailbox. Encouraging texts on the really, really bad days. These doodles, these “letters” are here to encourage you and make you smile. If they don’t, I haven’t done my job.

2. The alphabet is my favorite. Just think: 26 little parts & pieces have the power to make billions of amazing words. Words that can make or break you. These ones… these ones will make you.

3. Hand-lettering: a typography technique I learned about back in the days of design school. It’s natural, it’s rough, it’s real. I love the look of hand-lettered wedding invitations, calligraphy, scribbled notes in a sketchbook. I love the feel of a hand-lettered concert poster, when you know the artist put so much time and attention into the craft. It really is a craft. There are people out there whose dedication to it completely blows me away.

There’s a lot of meaning in a name, and I hope this helped you understand where I’m coming from!

Thanks for visiting =)